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Get Help for Anxiety Disorders! Anxiety disorders and depression have increased exponentially over the past half a century. At least five times as many teens and young adults suffer from anxiety or depression today than there were fifty to sixty years ago. In the 20th century, there was war, economic depression, and disease, outside circumstances that still exist today. Why are we so emotionally susceptible in our technologically advanced 21st century world? According to some experts, the individual focus has shifted. If you were a young adult fifty years ago,...

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Check out this article! I was impressed with Dr. Muraszko. I know you will be too. Three things jumped out at me from news item. Disability does not translate to incapable. Inside every disabled individual, there is a real person. Environment is everything. If you play a part in the life of a disabled person, be a positive participant in his or her life. Every disabled individual is a real person with needs and desires, goals and aspirations. Help your friend, your co-worker, your family member realize his or...

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invisible disability

You’re not invisible, but your disability is. You might have crohn’s, lupus, beginning stages multiple sclerosis, or diabetes. Chronic pain, mental health…the list goes on. Do you suffer from something—narcolepsy, arthritis, chronic dizziness, migraines—that others can’t see, but to you is very, very real? Perhaps you were born with a club foot that was corrected, but has lasting impact on your mobility, indiscernible to the outsider. No, you have no white cane, hearing aids or wheelchair. You don’t wear a sign on your shirt that proclaims “I have a disability!”...

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Disability more then meets the eye

Do you know Nathan? He looks like the hundreds of other kids who step through the doors of the neighborhood elementary school every morning. Sure, his books and folders are thrown haphazardly into his schoolbag, and more often than not he is running to make it through the doors on time, but Nathan looks pretty average. You can’t see it by looking at him. But it sure is there. Nathan has a disability. Have you seen Allison? You pass her on your commute to work. Well-dressed, Allison purposefully makes her...

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REGISTERED DISABILITY SAVINGS PLAN Have you opened a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) for yourself or your disabled family member? You should—today!  This tax-deferred savings plan offered by the federal government is an invaluable resource available to the disabled population of Canada since 2008. With 100,000 RDSP’s opened to date, an estimated 500,000 Canadian citizens will benefit from this groundbreaking initiative. Your investment, coupled with an outstanding government match program, will assure your loved one a worry-free financial future. If you have never done so yet, sit down with a...

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special need community

Montreal Special Needs Community In today’s detached, technology-run world, it’s hard to feel part of a community. Who has time to connect to people who have similar challenges, common interests, and shared goals? But community is so important. Without a community, we are just lonely individuals struggling to do what’s best for ourselves and our loved ones. Especially in the special needs world, community is a necessary ingredient for belonging, for support, for resources. The Montreal special needs community has been blessed with Inspirations News. This biannual publication was created...

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Quebec disability benefits

If you receive a disability tax credit from the federal government for yourself or a dependent, then you are most likely eligible to receive compensation from the Quebec government, too! Quebec benefits are paid out differently—and applied for differently—than the federal benefits. Disabled Quebecers over 18 The AMOUNT FOR A SEVERE AND PROLONGED IMPAIRMENT IN MENTAL OR PHYSICAL FUNCTIONS tax credit may be available for adults over 18. If you already have a DTCC that you received by filing a federal T2201, that may be all you need. In special...

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investment planning for disabled

If you are the caretaker for a disabled family member, planning for his or her future weighs heavily on your mind. How will your loved one manage on his/her own? You want to set aside a sizable investment without compromising your child’s benefits. Yes, the tangled web of investment planning and government regulations must be carefully navigated. CBC News recently highlighted the case of a mother who tried to responsibly plan a better future for her daughter with cerebral palsy. Daughter Sarah was subsequently denied government benefits because of an...

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handicap parking

The handicap parking spot is open. But every single other parking spot in the entire parking lot is taken. Could you park there? Should you park there? Will you park there?     If those joggers in California would have just taken a moment to think, and consider the inconvenience they cause by illegally and unethically occupying the designated handicap parking area, they would never have done it! Each offender knew someone with a disability. You and I know individuals with disabilities, too. You and I know the difficulties faced...

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Check out this view on disability from the World Health Organization. Disabilities is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. An impairment is a problem in body function or structure; an activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action; while a participation restriction is a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations. Disability is thus not just a health problem. It is a complex phenomenon, reflecting the interaction between features of a person’s body and features of...

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