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Mental Health: No Reason for Stigma

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Is something really wrong with me? Will I become violent and disruptive? Is therapy or medication going to help me? Why do I have to be this way? Why can’t I concentrate? If I reach out for help, will I be bullied? Will I be labeled for the rest of my life?

For someone dealing with mental health issues these questions plague them on constant basis.

The sober truth is that nearly 1 of every 5 people will experience mental health issues, ranging from challenges like anxiety and depression, to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

The stereotype in today’s world is that people with mental health issues are violent and can be harmful. This bad rep really hurts the norm. The fact is only about 7% of violent acts are committed by a person with symptoms of mental health issues. In fact people with mental health issues are more likely to be the victim of violence and bullying.

There is so much help for individuals who are struggling. There are so many resources to tap into! In my line of work, I’ve seen so many people who, with the proper counseling and health regimen, have accomplished so much in their lives.

As a society we really have to push to create an environment that’s friendly and helpful to those that struggle. Simply the attitude can help curb the rise of mental health issues. Our fast-paced world generates a stressful environment that just exacerbates the problem. Slow down! At the very least, let us educate ourselves about what mental health is. Let’s understand that mental health issues are common, and there are tremendous resources to help people who are struggling.

There is no reason for someone to have all the negative thoughts and questions about themselves. When someone has migraines, he looks for help to find the right remedies and medication. No stigma. That should be the reality of mental health. When someone is depressed or has anxiety, he looks for help to find the right remedies and medication. No stigma.

We can reach this goal!

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