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Are you or someone you know suffering from a disability?

Living with a disability can be overwhelming and expensive. The federal and provincial governments offer benefits up to $40 000 to individuals with disabilities. Applying for these benefits can be a lengthy and confusing process. At DFAC, Disability Financial Assistance Corporation, we are dedicated to accessing government benefits for you and your family.

Our process is streamlined. You are guided through the whole process.

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  • Thank you DFAC for all your hard work I know my application was not easy. You really did a fantastic job!
  • DFAC's caring and professional staff took over the entire process. They meticulously and efficiently filed the entire application. They contacted our son's medical staff and government offices. All we needed to do was sign on the dotted line. And then not only was the application approved, DFAC managed to procure an additional $15,000. We had no idea that there were additional funds available to us!
    Isaac H.
  • My son has strong learning disabilities DFAC helped us get over $16,000. You guys were courteous and sensitive. Thanks for everything I will definitely recommend your service to others.
  • Thanks Hindy and Isaac for your help in getting us over $24,000 from the government the money came in very handy!
    Gary M.