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Back to School with Learning Difficulties

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Ah! Summertime, when kids can just relax. No one telling them when to wake up, when to sit, when to eat, when to study. No homework and no uniforms. A true utopia, especially for kids with learning disabilities.

With summer coming to a close, this freedom is almost over. Now the daily grind begins.

Is your child anxious about the new school year? Is school a huge struggle? How can you help your child ease into this transition, and maybe even enjoy his time in school?

The most important thing to remember is that you are your child’s best advocate. No one can love your child more than you do. There are many professionals that can help along the way, but as valuable as their help may be, this is their living. Besides, usually the more involved the parent is, the more the professional will want to help.

Before the school year begins, make sure you have a proper assessment from a professional. With that information in hand, you will have all the recommendations you need to move forward.
Be in touch with your child’s school and his teachers. Tell them your child’s needs. Open lines of communication with them. If a teacher does not have all the necessary skills or resources, you will know in advance that you need to search further.

Professionals can serve as a liaison to the school for your child, giving educators the tools needed to teach your child so that he can learn.

Once you have done everything possible to ensure the school understands the situation, talk to your child. Explain to him all the steps you are taking to make this year the best it can be. Involve him in the process and listen to his voice. His opinion needs to be heard and dealt with. Remember: ultimately, it’s his attitude towards his school work that will make him successful.

All of this is really a full time job. That’s what makes being a parent so special. Getting the right professionals are costly. Government benefits can really ease the financial burden. DFAC can relieve you of the burdensome paperwork, so that you can focus on what’s really important— your kids!!

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