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Did you know that no matter your age, your brain is constantly growing and changing? The brain’s ability to adapt and make new connections is called brain plasticity. The brain is pliable, like plastic. Obviously young children are learning new skills all the time so their brains change a lot from day to day, month to month. But even an adult brain can morph to acquire a new skill set—like learning how to crochet or to do a Sudoku. This is great for anyone struggling with a learning disability. Your...

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Was your Disability Tax Credit application denied? Don’t worry! This happens ALL the time. Don’t be alarmed, don’t be discouraged. It doesn’t mean that you’re not eligible. What’s the next step? Review your application. Look over the form you sent in to make sure that everything was filled out perfectly. DFAC has found that sometimes its simple errors like an incorrect date that needs to be adjusted. Review your doctor’s portion of the application. Not all doctors understand the government criteria in regard to the Disability Tax Credit application. What...

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la sclérose en plaques

Multiple sclerosis is undoubtedly a debilitating disease that attacks the body’s nervous system. If your disease is already advanced, there is no question—your ability to accomplish daily tasks is affected 100% of the time, whether it’s in the realm of balance, mobility, elimination, fatigue, feeding, or eyesight. You are certainly eligible to apply for disability tax benefits. If you or a family member has been recently diagnosed, then you are probably still dealing with the shock and adjusting to the new reality you are facing. You are not alone! 100,000...

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elder care

Caring for an elderly parent or relative? For tips on how to manage this tricky dynamic, DFAC turned to Jackie Percs-O’Donnell of Golden Home Care for her experience and expertise. The two most important areas to address for a senior living at home, says Percs-O’Donnell, are falls prevention and medication management. Falls and medication mismanagement, leading causes for senior hospitalization, can be averted with foresight and organization.   Family members involved in day-to-day care are a great asset, but as you surely know, this task can become overwhelming. Says Percs-O’Donnell,...

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Simone Biles has ADHD. Yes, four-time Olympic gold medalist tested positive for drugs, as a vicious band of cyber-bullies recently informed the public. Yet with her privacy violated, how does she react? She tweeted back for all the world to hear that she has ADHD, and she’s been on medication since she was a kid. “Having ADHD, and taking medicine for it is nothing to be ashamed of nothing that I’m afraid to let people know.” Check out the news clip for yourself! ADHD is a real condition, usually diagnosed...

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Get Help for Anxiety Disorders! Anxiety disorders and depression have increased exponentially over the past half a century. At least five times as many teens and young adults suffer from anxiety or depression today than there were fifty to sixty years ago. In the 20th century, there was war, economic depression, and disease, outside circumstances that still exist today. Why are we so emotionally susceptible in our technologically advanced 21st century world? According to some experts, the individual focus has shifted. If you were a young adult fifty years ago,...

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Check out this article! I was impressed with Dr. Muraszko. I know you will be too. Three things jumped out at me from news item. Disability does not translate to incapable. Inside every disabled individual, there is a real person. Environment is everything. If you play a part in the life of a disabled person, be a positive participant in his or her life. Every disabled individual is a real person with needs and desires, goals and aspirations. Help your friend, your co-worker, your family member realize his or...

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invisible disability

You’re not invisible, but your disability is. You might have crohn’s, lupus, beginning stages multiple sclerosis, or diabetes. Chronic pain, mental health…the list goes on. Do you suffer from something—narcolepsy, arthritis, chronic dizziness, migraines—that others can’t see, but to you is very, very real? Perhaps you were born with a club foot that was corrected, but has lasting impact on your mobility, indiscernible to the outsider. No, you have no white cane, hearing aids or wheelchair. You don’t wear a sign on your shirt that proclaims “I have a disability!”...

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